Elliotts iron filtration systems involve a unique method of removing soluble iron from groundwater without the need for large aeration tanks, settling time or chemical extraction procedures.

These environmentally friendly systems can be designed to operate at any flow rate large or small with iron concentrations ranging from 1- 30ppm.

Added benefits apart from stain prevention of these iron filters being:
1. Removal of unpleasant odours from bore water
2. prevention of maintenance issues such as clogging and fouling of irrigation systems

Filters automatically back wash using the feed water which flushes the filter of accumulated iron effectively recharging the filter for its next operation period. A rinse stage then cleans the filter before returning it into service.

Typical of Projects Previously Undertaken:

  • Retirement Villages
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centres
  • Government Departments
  • Local Govt
  • Nurseries
  • Churches

Please see before and after photos of our iron filtration projects and the incredible outcome;



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