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Elliotts Irrigation has serviced the residential and commercial sectors of Western Australia’s irrigation market since 1984 as suppliers, designers, installers and maintenance personnel. Included in our scope we also include more specialised areas such as iron filtration and agricultural irrigation design.
We encourage potential customers to venture in and discuss your needs as; you will determine that in irrigation Elliotts have few peers. We are not a member of a chain of stores, this is our base, and this is the home of our expertise, designers, management and hands-on staff.
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Elliotts Irrigation

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Elliotts Irrigation has a fleet of seven maintenance vehicles operating in the Perth metropolitan area, catering for the domestic and commercial markets. Elliotts Irrigation also has a retail store located in Greenwood.


Elliotts Irrigation began contracting operations in 1984 as a contracting company servicing the Perth Metropolitan area as primarily residential and “light” commercial irrigation contractors.


Elliotts Irrigation has been involved in many aspects of agricultural irrigation and offers a complete design service for a diverse range of projects. We specialize in solid set systems and drip and micro-irrigation.


Elliotts iron filtration systems involve a unique method of removing soluble iron from groundwater without the need for large aeration tanks, settling time or chemical extraction procedures.


Elliotts Irrigation has many years experience in providing effective solutions for many projects ranging from new sub-divisions, agricultural projects, playing fields and mine site water services.


Elliotts Irrigation’s store is open for business Monday – Friday from 7am till 5pm & Saturday mornings from 8am – 12pm. We are conveniently located in Greenwood close to Wanneroo Road & the Mitchell Freeway.

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