Safety Our Commitment to our People

At Elliotts Irrigation we care about our staff, our customers and our community. By creating a safer work environment Elliotts Irrigation ensures

  • Improved quality

    Consulting with our staff and encouraging ownership of decision making provides a sense of pride and achievement. A commitment to ongoing training enables our staff with the means, knowledge and skill to provide a quality product safely this creates

  • Greater efficiency

    Measuring, monitoring and evaluating performance, to determine the effectiveness of risk management, returns a lower accident rate.

    Through improved planning, ongoing assessment of risks and reduced injuries we produce

  • A Better environment

    Implementation is the key to success and a safe work environmentimproves morale andreduces waste our aim

  • Effective partnerships

    Understanding our customers, working safely alongside the people in our community, applying real world experience to a range of industries, we help our customers deliver vital projects and avoid costly mistakes. Our aim is to always apply

  • Excellence

    At Elliotts Irrigation our safety system is regularly reviewed and updated we achieve excellence through

    • Safety Audits and Inspections
    • Regular equipment maintenance
    • Regular vehicle inspections
    • Safety committee meetings
    • Regular toolbox meetings
    • Daily pre-start checks
    • On-going training
    • Fitness for work assessment
    • Products that meet Australian Standards and
    • Respect for people

Elliotts Irrigation safely managing your water for 30 years.



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